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Do not become an Ostrich

Ever met an Ostrich?

This huge bird is mostly familiar thanks to the myth about how the ostrich hides its head in the sand when they feel danger.

People tend to close their eyes when in great fear, like on a roller coaster. As if not seeing the danger makes it go away. Well, as we all know, it does not.

Dangers exist whether you see them or not. It actually gets much worse if it is not revealed in time. Organizations are like humans. They tend to notice some things and ignore or miss, others. That’s how threats and dangers exist without anyone's notice.

Sometimes hidden dangers or problems reveal themselves in sporadic unconnected ways. Like in some diseases where the symptoms do not reflect, at least not immediately, the real cause of illness but rather create confusing non-connected symptoms. The cause remains hidden and undealt with.

People make decisions based on what they know. Managers do the same, and when the information is hidden or incomplete, they might make the wrong decisions causing more harm than good.

They fall into the HIT - "Hidden information Trap".

Expertyk is like a combination of a medical doctor and psychologist for organizations. The first thing we do is to diagnose. To see what symptoms are there and find out the real (not the obvious) sources. Then we offer a treatment plan, we follow it through and we make sure that improvement is imminent and that the plan produces the desired results.

So if we have not met until today, it is probably a good idea that we would.

Drop us a line and we will get back to you asap. Or, WhatsApp.

Works like a charm.

See you soon. expertyk team

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